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Stoicism Children's Book

The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat

What if the secret to living a happier life was simply changing our attitude about the things we experience?

In this enchanting new take on an age-old Stoic idea, an unlikely friendship teaches a faithful stock horse and a wily stable cat to see the world through each other’s eyes. Along the way, they learn a valuable lesson: there’s good to be found in everything, if we only take the time to look for it.

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Stoic Books

A Dog Who Follows Gladly

Every dog is graced with spirit of enduring optimism and joy that perfectly embodies the Stoic concept of Amor Fati: learning to truly love our fate.

In this touching rendition of an ancient Stoic parable, a wise old ranch dog teaches an inexperienced newcomer how to see the best in every situation. A Dog Who Follows Gladly is an elegant collection of vignettes that celebrate the art of embracing what we can’t control — and being grateful for every moment of our lives.

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stoic books for kids

The Stoic Fable Book for Kids

Looking for ways to teach children about Stoicism? Read a few pages from The Stoic Fable Book: Bedtime Tales to Help Kids be Kind, Resilient and Happy. (This is a FREE online book!)

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free stoicism book

The Urban Enchiridion

A free Stoicism book for beginners!

The Urban Enchiridion is a modern adaptation of teachings from Stoic philosopher Epictetus. Author Phil Van Treuren imagines how Epictetus might write his famous training handbook for modern readers, and the book is free to download (or to read right here on our website). It’s a great beginning book for anyone who wants to learn more about Stoicism!

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