What is Stoicism

Stoicism is just a way of looking at the world that makes you happier. It sounds simple, because it is! Click on the button below to learn more about being Stoic.

stoic children's books

The Stoic Fable Book for Kids

Looking for ways to teach children about Stoicism? Read a few pages from The Stoic Fable Book: 100 Bedtime Tales to Help Kids be Kind, Resilient and Happy by author Phil Van Treuren.

Stoic Parenting Guide

The Stoic Parenting Guide

The lessons of ancient (and modern) Stoicism teachers are full of inspiring ideas for how we can practice better parenting and help our children lead happier, more meaningful lives.

Modern Stoicism

Meet Some Modern Stoic Philosophers

What’s the simplest definition of Stoicism you could give in just one sentence? We asked a few modern Stoic writers and thinkers, and here’s what they said!

Stoicism Advice Marcus Aurelius

Stoicism Advice from Marcus Aurelius

Have you ever wished you could reach back through time and ask Emperor Marcus Aurelius for life advice? Thanks to artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to do exactly that.

The Urban Enchiridion

Epictetus Book

What if the Stoic philosopher Epictetus had been born in our modern times? In The Urban Enchiridion, author Phil Van Treuren imagines how this ancient book on Stoicism might be written with today’s average person in mind.

Famous Stoicism Quotes

Stoicism Quotes

Get a feel for what Stoicism is all about by reading some of the best quotes from famous Stoic philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and more.

A Guide to Stoic Terms, Concepts & Principles

Guide to Stoicism

An easy-to-understand glossary of words and terminology that new students of Stoicism might come across as they learn about Stoic philosophy.

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